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March 29, 2012: Jennifer Morton,  (City College, CUNY), "Cultural Code-switching: Straddling the Achievement Gap."

April 17, 2012:  NOTE DATE CHANGE!  Jane Dryden (Mount Alison University, Canada), "Embodiment and Vulnerability in Fichte and Hegel."  THIS EVENT IS BEING HELD AT THE GRADUATE CENTER, ROOM 5409, NOT NYU.

May 10, 2012:  Elvira Basevich (CUNY Graduate Center), "Theorizing Sexuality, the Dialectic and Freedom:  Reading Marcuse Against Butler."

*Sue Weinberg Lecture Series.  Click for more information.

March 2, 2012 Panel:  Occupy Wallstreet: Women in Philosophy RespondSpeakers: Kathy Miriam (Independent Scholar), Jennifer Uleman (SUNY Purchase), Cinzia Arruzza (New School), Rachel McKinney CUNY Graduate Center Room 9205.  Click here for flyer.

April 27, 2012:  Diana Meyers (Loyola University Chicago), "Rethinking Coercion for a World of Poverty and Exploitation."  CUNY Graduate Center room 9204.  Click here for flyer.

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